Chinese translation: rains of New York

In short, when I remembered New York, I was not in my depth. Breakfast fruit juice, national Scotch whiskey and soda water, and the relationship between romance and the elephant and wax in Twisted Teddy’s House of Horrors. Which is from hot to the high temperature of the cold two hours. The wind blows through my chest. The bar’s video screen also shows high quality homosexual pornography: across his partner, facing the camera, his free dick car corner of the swing metronome bar. Barber shop, you can get shaving at three in the morning. Spend a little time for Amnesty International! Time out New York, read the full text, people! One night, Union Square is on track, my normal route is blocked. I spent more than an hour in those broken pillars, such as war ruins, welding wires exposed to the subway. Reminds you of singing in the prison. Advertising filled with a smile from each wall; life is not tragic. Columbia Medical School’s experimental addiction treatment notice shows the most horrible lines of cannabis, coldest buds from flawless lips. Cigarettes. I put thumb and index finger around the metal rod, roll, fear, now is warm, but not really make a difference. I still put my bag on my bed and forget where.

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