No one should starve again, post script to a new interview

I’ve added my first interview (as an interviewee) to the interview section.

It says I have a flair for all things Communism, but there was no space to talk about the ideas of communism, and I didn’t have the fortitude to inflict such an agenda on the interview.

It’s good to simply recall what Adorno says in MINIMA MORALIA. The reason we do what we do is lost in the complexity of socialist organization and analysis. Adorno is constantly making dialectical moves so that the complex is made simple and the simple complex. He says:

Genuine feeling is only to be found in the crudest response: that no one shall go hungry any more.

We can and of course should go on about the eventual abolition of private property, money, the commodity form, the state, and the capitalist system from every square inch of the planet. But he gives us the fundamental imperative. He’s ready to check our fleeting utopian happiness with the constant acknowledgment of eternal human suffering. In that one statement, no one shall go hungry anymore, we appreciate the simplicity of the demand and the how dauntingly complex a task it is to make it a reality.

We can feed the world with the arable land that is left; only a proper distribution and control of resources is missing. Of course, topsoil erosion and global warming has locked us in for a crisis that, along with the reality of global distribution, makes the regressive desires of anarcho-primitivism and anti-civ pastoralism unacceptable.

But we do what we do ’cause revolution is not only possible but necessary. And besides, you gotta feed your comrades before you’re strong enough to destroy the reactionaries.

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